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In this Oscar-themed podcast, we interview Robert James, author of the book WHO Won?!: An Irreverent Look at the Oscars 1927-1943. The first of many volumes, the book delves into the details of the winners and nominees of the Golden Boy in the years between 1927-1943, and argues which movies should have won — or not.  Robert James explains how he organized the book, gives us some interesting history lessons, and offers his perspective of the future of the Academy Awards.  You won’t want to miss this show of The Scarlett Olive…


The long-awaited episode featuring Karolyn Grimes, also known as Zuzu Bailey from  It’s a Wonderful Life, has finally arrived! This is a podcast filled with cinematic treasures as Karolyn discusses the importance of the Christmas classics It’s a Wonderful Life and The Bishop’s Wife. Karolyn calls herself an “antique”, but you will soon find that the so-called antiquity is merely an element of her timelessness in the face of film history. She’s so charming and is ever-willing to preserve the memories of these films.


For those of you who have the pleasure of hearing “old movies are boring” from co-workers, friends, and family — fret no more! Our newest episode, “Hooray for Hays”, debunks their theory by addressing the sex and schmaltz of Pre-Code films and supporting the creativity used by filmmakers under the infamous Motion Picture Production Code. Katie and Hilary play devil’s advocate and defend the Code in this informative and entertaining podcast. Listen to find out if you belong in the “duped” or “clued in” category and enjoy some of the most risque and quotable lines from the Golden Era!


We had the privilege of discussing the historical fiction novel Garden on Sunset with the author, Martin Turnbull. The novel focuses on three up-and-comers trying to gain success in Hollywood during a time where technological advances bring forth new opportunity for some while others fade in the shadows. If you like Old Hollywood and Australian accents, you’re going to love Martin! Find out more about the Garden of Allah series in this very special podcast and on his website www.MartinTurnbull.com.


For our very belated second anniversary show (it was on February 14), we are focusing on Second Bananas.  What are Second Bananas?  In our conversation with our favourite theatre aficionado, Martha, we discuss the definition of the term as well as spotlight certain women known for their Second Banana roles.  If you enjoy Joan Blondell, Thelma Ritter, and Donald O’Connor among others, then this is the show for you!


We’re so pleased to be back for yet another round of Christmas cheer! In our second Christmas special, we discuss some of our favourite classics with yuletide themes and ugly Christmas trees—hopefully this includes some of your favourites, as well. Drink some egg nog, gnaw on a candy cane, and enjoy one of our jolliest episodes to boot.


Due to the unbalanced amount of estrogen versus testosterone, we have decided to focus on the smaller male demographic of our listeners…very small.  To remedy this chemical imbalance, we invited Dr. Philippa Gates to talk about “guy” movies in this episode.  What makes a man a man?  Find out in this episode of The Scarlett Olive!  This is also the grand start to our very first blogathon, “For the Boys,” taking place on November 19-20, 2011.


In this show, we participate in The Hollywood Revue‘s Fashion in Film blogathon.  For this event, we have invited a “special” guest, River Jones, to help us out with fashion facts because…quite frankly…we haven’t a single clue about what is fashionable and what is not (Katie once wore white socks with plaid flats).  River brings a spunky attitude to this show while we keep things historically accurate as River highlights Walter Plunkett.


August sixth marks the 100th  birthday anniversary of the world’s favourite, most glamourous clown, Lucille Désirée Ball. To celebrate, the Scarlett Olive participated in the Loving Lucy blogathon devoted to Lucille Ball hosted by True Classics. The blog portion of focuses on the theory and traditions our beloved Lucy hails from and used in her career.  The podcast portion is about the inspiration Ball found in people and the people she herself inspired.

Audio: “Lucy’s Last Birthday”, “I Love Lucy” theme song by Eliot Daniel, “It’s Today” written by Jerry Herman and performed by Lucille Ball.


Television legend, political activist, and grade “A”actor to boot, Ed Asner, shares a few behind-the-scenes anecdotes and opinions in this fascinating installment of The Scarlett Olive. We could compile a complimentary blog to accompany this episode, but we’ll let Mr. Asner do the talking instead. Listen, comment, enjoy!

Audio: “Up with Credits” by Michael Giacchino

Maple Leaf Forever” — 07/23/11

Come September, The Scarlett Olive will be a (mostly) Canadian production.  To celebrate, why not talk about the achievements Canadians made in film during the Golden Era?  Many famous names are mentioned in this show but the spotlight in shone on Florence Lawrence (the first movie star!), Louis B. MayerDouglas Shearer, and Jack Warner.  You may be surprised to hear who is else a Canuck!  Although they may not be as prominent as other nationalities, Canadians certainly did have an influence on Hollywood and the film industry.

Audio: “To It and At It” by Stompin’ Tom

Dangerous Dames Part 4: The Wicked Witch of the West” –  07/07/11

In the final installation of our Dangerous Dames series (yay!), you’re stuck with just the two of us — no special guests this time around, but fear not … we have someone veryspecial planned for the near future. Stick around. But first, give this episode a listen. We’ve spotlighted the most terrifying and dangerous dame of them all (the Wicked Witch of the West) and the not so terrifying lady who portrayed her onscreen, Margaret Hamilton.

Dangerous Dames Part 3: Mastermind Manipulators” — 06/03/11

In the third installment of the Dangerous Dames series, Katie and Hilary chat with creator of the Gone with the Wind … But Not Forgotten and Hollywood History: The Golden Era Facebook pages, Denise. She dares to tread the waters in conversation about dangerous women such as Marlene Dietrich’s character in Witness for the Prosecution(1957), Gene Tierney’s character in Leave Her to Heaven (1945), Patty McCormack’s character in The Bad Seed, and as a bonus she delves into the character of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939).

Dangerous Dames Part 2: Barbara Stanwyck” — 05/23/2011

To continue our Dangerous Dames Series, we invited a scholarly guest to join us on our show. Jonathan Aaron Baker discusses film noir, femme fatales, and briefly Barbara Stanwyck to shed light on the formula that makes up a “dangerous dame”. One of the most important twists he adds to the show is a literary background to well-known classic films.

Dangerous Dames Part 1: Bette Davis” — 04/09/2011

In honour of her 103rd birthday, The Scarlett Olive kicks off the “Dangerous Dames” series by saluting the aspects of Bette Davis’ long-running career as a dangerous dame.

Audio: “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes


May 12th marks the 104th anniversary of Katharine Houghton Hepburn’s birth.  To celebrate the birth of this tsunami of talent, The Scarlett Olive talked to the ultimate fan girl – Martha Wade Steketee.  If you didn’t listen to the show (shame on you), Martha is a dramaturg who lives in New York City and loves the theatricality of life and the wonder of acting and the stage.  One of the biggest influences of her life was the great Kate Hepburn, and we hear her appreciation as she graciously guest starred on our show.


Katie and Hilary discuss the importance of food in films and how it is a staple in humour, family ties, status, and gender roles. So, grab your forks, knives, and napkins and dig in!

Audio: “Make a Pizza” by Jeff Richmond, performed by Jane Krakowski



Oddly enough, the Scarlett Olive released its first episode on Valentine’s Day 2010. So, for our one year show, we decided to honour our favourite Golden Age couple, The Oliviers. Kendra Bean, owner of vivandlarry.com, explains the peaks, trials and tribulations, and outright admiration Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier shared for one another. Be sure to visit Kendra’s website and enjoy!

Audio: “My Love” & “Calico Skies” performed by  The Loma Mar Quartet



This is possibly the most entertaining of all the Scarlett Olive episodes! Last year, a conversation with The Man, himself, was promised but the co-hosts did not get around to conjuring him from his grave until December of ’10. If you enjoy a laugh, you’ll enjoy this installment. Disclaimer: This interview is purely in the imaginations of two adoring fans.

Audio: “I Like Myself” performed by Gene Kelly, It’s Always Fair Weather (1955)



Merry Christmas!  The Scarlett Olive wrote a little song for you classic film fans!  Enjoy!




The Scarlett Olive gets a lesson in cosmetic surgery history with special guest, Anne Darling.  Learn about the secrets of classical Hollywood cosmetics and who had what done!  Anne is the author of the blog, “Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”  Check our the Links page for more information.

Audio: “The Trolley Song (remix)” originally performed by Judy Garland



In August 2010, major pieces of Hollywood history, five dresses from the film Gone with the Wind, were in need of repair that amounted to $30,000.  A special thanks is given to the Harry Ransom Center for repairing these treasures.  This show is a call to all classic film fans and “Windies” to raise support for “The Cause.”  The spotlight is also given to a number of talented costume designers who essentially dressed the films.

Audio: “Puttin’ on the Ritz” performed by Judy Garland; “Main Title” by Max Steiner



The Scarlett Olive lights up discussing the use (and dangers) of tobacco products in the Hollywood industry.

Audio: “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” performed by  Dinah Washington; “Don’t Smoke in Bed” performed by Nina Simone; “The No No Song” by Ringo Starr; “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple; “I’m So Tired” by The Beatles



This relaxed episode highlights some memorable movies scenes that take place in the rain.  The Scarlett Olive also plugs a new film production company, Watchtower Films.  Check out the Links page for their website.

Audio: “Singin’ in the Rain” performed by Gene Kelly; “Fella with an Umbrella” performed by Judy Garland and Peter Lawford; “The Rain in Spain” performed by Marni Nixon

Judy in June with John Fricke, Vol. 3” — 06/24/2010

This last installment of the Judy in June series focuses on John Fricke the person.  He’s a swell guy!

Judy in June with John Fricke, Vol. 2” — 06/17/2010

In this second installment of the Judy in June series, John Fricke discusses the magical world of Oz, entities of the Garland legacy, and gives viewers the chance to vicariously experience the moment he met the “World’s Greatest Entertainer” herself.

Audio: “Main Title (The Wizard of Oz)” – Herbert Stothart

Judy in June with Special Guest, Vol. 1” — 06/10/2010

A fountain of knowledge of all things pertaining to Judy Garland, John Fricke was kind enough to make a special appearance on the show for a three-part series dedicated to the special lady who brought the Scarlett Olive co-hosts together, Judy Garland.  So grab a Diet Coke, a bowl of M&Ms, your favourite chair, and enjoy this first part of the Judy in June series.

Audio: “Over the Rainbow”, “The Man That Got Away”, “Hello Bluebird” performed by Judy Garland



Cut or burned or thrown away,
These lost films have had their day.
Greedy souls, all head no heart,
Disregarded this wondrous art.

No computer can repair
These missing films – it’s just not fair.
Artistic flair – this curse, this need
Has been destroyed by untold greed.



Famous fights between Hollywood stars (factual or fictional) are in the ring in this popular Scarlett Olive episode.  Whose side are you on?

Audio: “Across the Stars” by John Williams



The Scarlett Olive gab about their favourite Hollywood Pairs such as the classic Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara to the familial pair of Atticus and Scout Finch.  Also, the “voice” of the podcast, Martha,  tells us who her favourite pairs are in a humorous “interview.”

Audio: “Born in a Trunk” performed by Judy Garland




“I’d … turn … back … if … I … were … you.”

Audio: “All That Jazz” from the Chicago soundtrack


Disclaimer: Our official theme song is “Easy Come, Easy Go” from Warner Brothers’ A Star is Born movie soundtrack. The audio clips you hear in these episodes are courtesy of www.reelclassics.com, Warner Brothers, and Turner. We do not own these clips nor do we profit from them.