About the Podcast — Our Mission to Honour Classic Film

Our slogan is “A podcast devoted to the memory of classic films,” but what is The Scarlett Olive really about?

The greatest mission of The Scarlett Olive is to preserve the memory of the talent that created these beloved classic films.  The definition of “celebrity” today is overnight success, fifteen minutes of fame, and then a swift descent from the celestial firmament.  We refuse to let the memory of great stars and creators of the silver screen to be forgotten along with the popular culture popcorn of contemporary times.

In this media-saturated age, layer upon layer of information surrounds us daily.  Some information is lost or forgotten, and some information is wrong.  What the podcast desires to do is present an accurate account of Hollywood’s Golden Age in a laid-back, fan friendly manner that will not come across as intimidating or highbrow.  The Scarlett Olive desires to produce shows that are both entertaining and informative.

The Scarlett Olive has the utmost respect for the people who worked in the film industry during Hollywood’s Golden Age.  This podcast is a tribute to them.

About Us — The Women Behind the Curtain

Hamming it up as usual: Hilary as Charlie Chaplin and Katie as Phyllis Dietrichson.

We (Katie and Hilary) met in February 2009 on a message board dedicated to the legendary Judy Garland (The Judy Garland Message Board). As conversations progressed beyond the onscreen chemistry of Miss Garland and Mr. Kelly (and a general dislike for Grace Kelly), we began to realize our personalities meshed together in a complimentary and humorous way.

An itch to share our love of classic film with everyone caused a whirlwind of creativity to burst forth and eventually form the “magnum opus” of our friendship and shared interest, a podcast called “The Scarlett Olive”. Scarlett is representative of Katie’s similarities, as well as adoration, to the character “Katie Scarlett O’Hara” (of Gone with the Wind fame), and Hilary’s adoration of the character “Olive Snook”from the short-lived television series, Pushing Daisies. Our pilot was released on February 14th, 2010.

Before May of 2010, episodes were recorded from separate computers, as well as different countries — which proved to be a bit of a task on both ends. As of September 2011, the co-hosts have recorded together since Hilary moved up to Canada to go to school with Katie.

The podcast has morphed from opinionated blurbs about Marta Eggerth, Grace Kelly, and other chaotic ramblings into carefully constructed and orchestrated episodes. We have also stretched the show and ourselves from comfortably talking between ourselves to interviewing experts and celebrities of high esteem.  Our interviews have included: John Fricke (Emmy-Award winning Judy Garland historian), Ed Asner, author Martin Turnbull, and, as of December 2012, Karolyn Grimes who played Zuzu Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life.

As the Scarlett Olive progresses into the future, we try to focus on keeping our ideas fresh and interesting — believe us, it’s a difficult task to keep an era that happened 60, 70, and sometimes 80 years ago smelling like a rose, since a lot of information is well known and accessible. We are also balancing school and work on top of maintaining the podcast. In most cases, the Scarlett Olive releases one episode a month, but if college and university work strikes … an entire semester may pass before the release of an episode. Listeners can also expect a variety of interviews in the future as we continue to contact experts, stars, and entertainers to liven up the content alongside our droning voices.

Above all, our listeners and subscribers genuinely shape the episodes. We always keep them in mind and strive to do well for their benefit and entertainment. Classic film is not a common subject to enjoy in modern times and our ultimate goal is sharing the love and appreciation with every person within reach.

So, there you have it, listeners …