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Celebrity Rivalries

Olivia DeHavilland and Joan Fontaine are the prime example of “sibling rivalry”. Childhood snark and Oscar snubs fueled the fire and caused sparks to fly. Both are still living and still at each others’ throats–that is if they have the gall to see each other face to face. Meanwhile, the rumor built rivalry of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford exists in the midst of their onscreen chemistry during Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Could two actresses portray such characters without having off-screen history?

Judy in June (with special guest John Fricke) Vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3

Author, historian, and Emmy-award winner, John Fricke, was kind enough to speak with us during our month-long tribute to Judy Garland in June 2010.  In the duration of the three-show miniseries, John Fricke talks about Garland’s enduring legacy, how people who love Garland are in touch with their feelings, the fascinating story of Oz, and tells the story of when he briefly met the great lady herself.  This loving tribute is a great way for fans to appreciate Garland on a deeper level and for newcomers to understand the depth of love fans feel for Judy Garland.

Under the Knife

Cosmetic surgery historian, Anne Darling, graces this episode with her deep knowledge of the development of beautification.  Hear a brief time-line of cosmetic surgery history (you might be surprised how the rhinoscope was perfected) and laugh at who had what done.  Find out which star had major work done on her jaw before she became an international sex symbol.  Surprise yourself by learning what John Wayne wore underneath his costumes!  How cosmetic surgery changed the definition of beauty is also discussed along with a comparison between the classic era and contemporary times.


An Interview with Gene Kelly

Yes, that Gene Kelly!  The hoofer who first fell in love with Judy Garland in For Me and My Gal, the sailor who danced with Jerry the Mouse, and the heartthrob who sang and danced in the rain.  Gene Kelly briefly rises from the grave and has a short conversation with the co-hosts of The Scarlett Olive about painting his house, the condition of dance in contemporary musicals, and bears his soul about an affair he had with another certain musical star…okay, that part is inspired by fan fiction, but that’s the beauty of technology!

Dangerous Dames Part 2: Barbara Stanwyck

From April-July 2011, The Scarlett Olive conducted a series devoted to the bad girls of classic films.  For our second episode, we invited a scholarly guest to join us on our show. Jonathan Aaron Baker discusses film noir, femme fatales, and briefly Barbara Stanwyck to shed light on the formula that makes up a “dangerous dame”. One of the most important twists he adds to the show is a literary background to well-known classic films.

Team Edward Asner

Television legend, political activist, and grade “A”actor to boot, Ed Asner, shares a few behind-the-scenes anecdotes and opinions in this fascinating installment of The Scarlett Olive. We could compile a complimentary blog to accompany this episode, but we’ll let Mr. Asner do the talking instead. Listen, comment, enjoy!

Loving Lucy: Tradition and Inspiration

August sixth marks the 100th  birthday anniversary of the world’s favourite, most glamourous clown, Lucille Désirée Ball. To celebrate, the Scarlett Olive participated in the Loving Lucy blogathon devoted to Lucille Ball hosted by True Classics. The blog portion of focuses on the theory and traditions our beloved Lucy hails from and used in her career.  The podcast portion is about the inspiration Ball found in people and the people she herself inspired.


For those of you who have the pleasure of hearing “old movies are boring” from co-workers, friends, and family — fret no more! Our newest episode, “Hooray for Hays”, debunks their theory by addressing the sex and schmaltz of Pre-Code films and supporting the creativity used by filmmakers under the infamous Motion Picture Production Code. Katie and Hilary play devil’s advocate and defend the Code in this informative and entertaining podcast. Listen to find out if you belong in the “duped” or “clued in” category and enjoy some of the most risque and quotable lines from the Golden Era!


The long-awaited episode featuring Karolyn Grimes, also known as Zuzu Bailey from  It’s a Wonderful Life, has finally arrived! This is a podcast filled with cinematic treasures as Karolyn discusses the importance of the Christmas classics It’s a Wonderful Life and The Bishop’s Wife. Karolyn calls herself an “antique”, but you will soon find that the so-called antiquity is merely an element of her timelessness in the face of film history. She’s so charming and is ever-willing to preserve the memories of these films.

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