WHO Won?!: A Podcast for the Oscars


In this Oscar-themed podcast, we interview Robert James, author of the book WHO Won?!: An Irreverent Look at the Oscars 1927-1943. The first of many volumes, the book delves into the details of the winners and nominees of the Golden Boy in the years between 1927-1943, and argues which movies should have won — or not.  Robert James explains how he organized the book, gives us some interesting history lessons, and offers his perspective of the future of the Academy Awards.  You won’t want to miss this show of The Scarlett Olive…

2 thoughts on “WHO Won?!: A Podcast for the Oscars

  1. Thank you for a very informative podcast. I enjoyed it.

    You all mentioned radio broadcasts of the Academy Awards in the interview. Being an old-time radio fan, I came across these on the Internet Archive, and thought you all might be interested in them. There are radio broadcasts of the 17th (1945) and 22nd (1950) Academy Awards ceremonies.


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